To see the lives of low-income South Africans flourish

The Picsa idea started in 2012, when one of our founding directors began looking for practical solutions to the financial challenges faced by his farm employees. There was nothing on the market that suited the unique needs of a majority labour-intensive workforce. So began the early version of Picsa – a simple social initiative in the form of a stokvel, operating on this single South African farm. Neighbouring farms became interested and joined up, and so the association grew. Today, Picsa is a commercial financial health company, serving clients in a range of industries – from agriculture and manufacturing to retail, hospitality and leisure.

“By minimising our revenue from product sales, we're never incentivised to push for sales. This approach means we align ourselves chiefly with our client's financial health.” Paul Kim, CEO


To improve financial health for low-income employees.

How we do it
Value for money
In recent years, there has been a positive shift in the financial services sector – more people have gained access to more financial products and services. Financial inclusion, however, is not enough. There needs to be lasting, positive impact – something we strive to achieve by providing practical education and driving positive behavioural change.
Picsa's definition

good financial health

1. The state of being free from overwhelming, money-related worries. Possessing control over one’s financial situation.
2. Possessing control over one’s financial situation.
“She looked at her positive bank balance and felt so happy to finally be in good financial health.”
Synonyms: financial wellbeing, financially fit, positive balance sheet
Antonyms: financial distress
Why is good financial health easy through Picsa?

The first step is straightforward

We take the pain and confusion out of taking the first step towards financial health. With simplified choices, easy sign-ups and effortless transacting, the hurdles to good financial health are so much smaller.

There’s no temptation to spend instead

Our deductions come straight off the payroll. Which means no extra debit order fees or debit order rejections.

We don’t ignore the difficult parts

Nobody can save or realistically dream if they are riddled with debt. We tackle the debt-trap in a responsible way – and we never push our loan solutions.

Employers play a crucial facilitator role, connecting their employees to our simple financial health solutions.

Board of directors

Pieter Wasserfall


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Paul Kim

Chief Executive Officer

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Ernst Hertzog

Investor and advisor

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Bongani Miya