Employee benefit solutions

Progressive products to reduce stress and improve financial health

Employer benefits

Our innovative bulk transacting approach makes our financial products and services accessible to your employees – offering well-priced, high quality solutions that are normally unaffordable for this segment of the market.

Productive workforce

Financial worries at home can seriously impair employee productivity. By helping your employees attain financial health, our products facilitate a happier, more fruitful workforce.

Independent relationships

By letting us shoulder the responsibility of your employees’ financial health, your workplace relationships remain professional.

Reduced administration

Because deductions are processed by a third-party rather than you as employer, there are no conflicts with labour laws. Picsa is registered with both the FSCA and the NCR.

Our financial health tools
Save for the short-term

Save for your short-term goals instead of using credit. With anytime access and no minimum amounts, saving has never been simpler.

  • Start from as little as R1 per month.
  • Access your money easily when you need it, via a monthly withdrawal date.
  • Watch your savings grow in the acclaimed Allan Gray Money Market Fund.
Invest for the future

Anyone can be an investor. Watch your money grow, knowing it will be waiting for you when you leave your job.

  • Start from as little as R1 per month.
  • Your money is invested in your own name – nobody can touch it.
  • Watch your savings grow in the acclaimed Allan Gray Balanced Fund.
Funeral plans

Save up to R125 per month by moving your funeral policy to Picsa.

  • One of the most affordable funeral policies on the market.
  • Your immediate family is covered – and extended family can be added at a low cost.
  • You're covered by the experts – Safrican (Sanlam).
Responsible loans

Get out of debt with our consolidation loan, which combines everything you owe into one manageable, monthly payment – meaning simpler and lower fees. Or take out a small retail or cash loan.

  • Save while you borrow.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Only borrow what you can afford.
  • Monthly SMS progress updates – so you can watch your debt decrease.
EarnBacks loyalty programme

Get rewarded for doing the right thing. Our unique loyalty programme rewards you for good financial choices.

  • Most admin and transaction fees are reduced by 50%.
  • Rewards are paid into your short-term savings account once a year.
See what employees say
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Like I feel today, I don’t feel like a farmworker. I feel like a rich woman because I can control my finances through Picsa.
Bosman Adama
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One of the things I will teach my children one day is how to save. That is what Picsa taught me to do.
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I will boldly tell you, you can't make a mistake. Use Picsa and you will see the results you will get there.
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Employee benefits

Value for money, easy-to-use

Watch your money grow with short-term and long-term investments. Look after your family with low-cost funeral plans. Access a little extra with a responsible loan.

Rewards for doing the right thing

Good financial choices have never been easier. Our rewards programme helps you get out of debt – and get money back into your pocket.

Assistance at every step

Feeling weighed down with financial worries? Send us a message and we’ll call you back – we’ve helped thousands of people with similar challenges, and are waiting to help you too.

Who we work with

Better financial health starts here.