The Picsa Solutions

A carefully planned journey to financial health

Our employee benefits solution holistically addresses the financial challenges faced by farmworkers. It’s a journey to lead them to financial independence and protect them from predatory product and service providers.

Achieving financial independence upon retirement is the fruit of many healthy financial habits. It can only truly be achieved by helping people with both their assets (inflation beating returns net of fees) and liabilities (responsible cost effective debt). To encourage and instil these habits, we’ve developed an employee benefits solution consisting of three stages. Each stage provides its own value and the decision to progress further remains entirely with you as the employer.

Stages of the journey

Employer only Savings
Group Funeral cover
Employer Savings
Employee Savings
Group Funeral cover
Individual Funeral cover
Employer Savings
Employee Savings
Group Funeral cover
Individual Funeral cover
Credit facility

Products and services

What the journey
looks like for
your employees

Our innovative approach in using stokvels to deliver financial products and services enables us to bulk transactions, giving employees lower prices and access to financial products normally unavailable and unaffordable to individuals in this segment of the market.


At the core of Picsa is our savings platform, offering positive real returns after fees for employees looking to save as little as R25 a month.

Each employee’s money is invested in his/her own name, and will receive an investment statement annually. The funds are invested in a Regulation 28 compliant with a heavier weighting toward long term growth assets.


Debt consolidation

We consolidate debt of up to 5x an employee’s monthly salary. This is the first step to free up disposable income so that they can start to save. If the employee has more debt than 5x her/his monthly salary, we offer a voluntary debt counselling referral.


We offer retail and furniture products on credit at better prices and terms. We provide a catalogue and we also review and consider quotes from retailers not part of our catalogue.

Cash loans

Clients can apply for only one cash loan at a time, for a maximum of R2500.

Group funeral cover

We’ve partnered with Safrican (Sanlam) to set up a funeral cover group scheme for farmworkers. By moving employees from expensive retail funeral cover schemes into the scheme, we reduce the premium by as much as 80%.

We have two family plans: A = R10 000 cover for R25 a month; B = R20 000 cover for R40 a month. Employees can optionally add Extended family; Paid-up cover, Accidental cover and Repatriation cover.

How our credit compares with popular retailers:

(Product and supplier names not displayed.)

40” LED TV e-commerce price as on 15 Feb 2017.
Cash price (excl. delivery)
Monthly instalment
Credit life insurance
Picsa rewards
Total cost (incl. deposit)
R6 499.99
36 mo
24 %
R59.00 (avg per month)
R16 560.00
R4 599.00
36 mo
+ R834.98
R7 704.94

If you're interested in making an impactful difference in your employees' lives, or meet with us to discuss anything, please get in touch.